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Sun, Jul. 4th, 2010, 07:53 pm

I get it!!!

I thought all those shippers were crazy at first and then I read this amazing fic and saw some cute icons and now all of a sudden I'm on board!

Puckleberry ftw.

Maybe it is just because it fills the hole st. berry left in my heart and it fits so nicely with Fuinn, I don't know.

I just really like it now :D

Sun, Jun. 27th, 2010, 06:48 pm
Fic; The Bliss of Ignorance Will&Emma Glee

Title: The Bliss of Igronance
Pairing: Carl Will&Emma
Rating: PG
Summary: Of course he knows. How could he not?

The Bliss of Ignorance

Carl Howell considered himself quite a smart man. Of course he hadn't quite passed that medical exam that would've led him onto the path of being a cardiothoracic surgeon but other than that he had no reason to doubt his intellect.

He was one of the top recommended dental practitioners in the district. Loved by old cronies and primary kids alike, he had a gleaming record.

That flawless reputation carried over into his personal life as well. He had always been described as a gentleman through and through. The 'strong and silent' type; he had always found it easy around members of the opposite sex.

But there was just one woman who continued to elude him.

He still remembered their first appointment as if it were yesterday. Bright shoes, blouse and skirt matched with the pair of dazzling eyes clashing with her shy voice and demeanor. Rosy pink lips framing pearl white teeth; Perfect. Not a cavity or dent anywhere. But he still found ways to see her even though she never needed an extra appointment. Tactfully leaving the discounted teeth cleaning session's pamphlet on the counter during one of her appointments he could count on not having to rely on the mandatory check every six months. She seemed to have a thing for pamphlets.

He had hoped his attempt at courting her would not have come from her heartache. The usual swoop of her flaming hair was droopy when she slunk in that fateful afternoon. She seemed quite emotional during the appoinment so he showed her his back room. Her doe eyes seemed to glimmer with something other than tears while she examined the various machines. So though he felt pity for her pain, he still made the most of the opportunity and asked her out for dinner. She had said she wasn't the simplest person to be in a relationship with but accepted.

They had seen each other every day since then.

He got to see the women behind the colorful clothes and shine brooches. A passionate spirit who was selfless for the people she cared about and soon Carl was sure he could count himself as one of those few. She told him about her pain, slowly but honestly. He understood the story behind the stacks of hand sanitizer and disposable gloves. About what drove her to work with these kids who had no one else to turn to and finally about him.

In a way, Carl had always known about him. He knew Emma had been unlucky in love (God knows who would hurt someone as gentle as her) and that perpetrator still held her heart. She had even said she wasn't easy to love.

In the first few weeks of their relationship he had deluded himself into thinking she was over him. That if he was caring enough, patient enough, that he could make her forget about him.

He was pretty sure it has worked. She was happy to see him when she has got back from a stressful day at school. She held his hand when they walk down the street after dinner and gazes into his eyes when the chat about nothing in particular.

But that is only some of time. She has constantly lamented that the man is out of her life but Carl knows different. Of course he knows. How could he not. She hid her feelings well though. But even her strong armor had cracks and those are the times are when he sees the effect that man had on her.

Sometimes, even when they are deep in conversation, her eyes slip out of focus and he can see in their endless depths that she is thinking about him. One night when they were watching a movie at his house, she dozed off on the couch, a small smile tugging at her lips, he intertwined his fingers in hers and she sighed in her sleep,


His heart chips a bit more.

Carl never told her of his suspicions. He loved her too much. Yes, he had fallen for the trembling voice and quiet laugh. Even in knowing that she was never really his, he had let her into his heart, and he wasn't going to give up.

Emma had told him through tears, how that man had decreed his love for her and stolen a kiss (Carl burned with fury at that, any kisses he got was quick and few). He had shushed her sobs with meaningless words of comfort. That it didn't matter to him, that as long as she was here she would never be hurt again.

He was certain that she wasn't, that she would never cheat on him. No matter how much she missed that god dammit Spanish teacher, Carl knew Emma was a better person than that. But he still made an attempt to see her every day. To remind her of who really loved her.

He felt as selfish, holding onto her like this. Knowing that she yearned for another smile, another pair of eyes, another kiss. But he honestly believed that she cared for him too. That if he held on long enough she would forget the other man and realize how lucky she was to have him.

So he carried an extra pack of wet wipes whenever she stayed for dessert. Spent an extra hour making dinner to make sure everything was dairy free and never commented when she skipped their date because she 'had a headache'.

It wasn't until he went to the school to pick her up one day while her car was at the mechanics that he realized it had to stop. He stood out in the car park, leaning against his truck waiting for her to finish up some paperwork. Teenagers spilled out of the door, oblivious to the world around them, and in amongst the throng was the red head – and a curly topped teacher. Carl's muscles tensed in fury as he watched the two, admittedly awkwardly, converse. He could see, even from here, the looks of longing and almost feel the tension between them.

A voice spoke up beside him.

"You know her?" a rather large, brutish looking man asked, matching his line of sight.

Carl nodded cautiously.

"I heard she's got herself a new man. Supposedly trying to get over Schuester, again." He continued resting his hands on the belt of his too short shorts.

"Do you think it'll work?" Carl asked desperately, needing confirmation that all his efforts weren't for nothing.

The man shook his head. "No matter how bad Schuester seems, he makes her happy – when he's not being a dick."

Carl hung his head in defeat as the man walked away. Soon enough he could hear the familiar clip clop of her heels as she reached his car.

"Hi Carl." She smiled touching his arm.

He looked up and admired her glowing face for one last time then opened her door for her.

"C'mon, let's go. We need to talk."

Confusion glossed her eyes but she got in anyway.

When they got back to her house, he stopped the car outside and surrendered.

The relief that flickered across her face killed him even more than the thought of losing her forever did. She thanked him quietly, a chaste kiss to the cheek and got out. He sat in the car for a minute then drove off hoping she knew what she was doing and trying to ignore the pain that was facing the truth.

Yes my inability to hate anything on Glee has kicked in again - and we haven't even met the character yet! So yup, I'm trying my hand at redeeming his already doomed rep and I felt like writing something Wemma. Hate it? Love it? Press that lovely review button and let me know.

Sat, Jun. 26th, 2010, 05:35 pm

 Call me slow but today's the day it finally set in that Jesse & Rachel are OVER.

I guess the back nine's choppiness had me deluded that Jonathan Groff is going to pop up on the next promo and blind us with another brilliant showface. 

So I am craving Marshmellows, listening to my Spring Awakening Soundtrack and scrolling through all my St. Berry Pics.

So now I will picspam in memory of this Epic Ship.

St B


Lea & Jon

Image Credit to FuckyeahStBerry


Thu, May. 20th, 2010, 08:03 pm
Glee Dream On

 Just finished watching it.

Loved it. NPH was amazing as usual and Schue was sizzling. Artie & Tina's storyline was really touching and it is great to see them having more screentime.

Unexpected gem of the episode is the Rachel & Shelby revelation. When I first heard the spoiler I was ticked off at how obvious is was but Idina Menzel is such a phenomenal actress that she sold it to me. Moar please.

Pumped for Gaga next week!

Sat, May. 15th, 2010, 05:31 pm
Glee; Emma/Mr Dentist

Glee Fanfic
Emma/Mr. Dentist
Based on new spoilers. Still ship Wemma but Mr. Dentist is just so much fun!
Crackish. Very cheesy but what can you do.
The right name for the doc still alludes me but Marson can do for now :P

The first meeting of our Pearly Whites Club.

A week had passed since her little, what shall we call it, verbal smack down on a certain Spanish Teacher. After his heartfelt apology and her polite declination Emma Pillsbury was still a glass case of emotions.

She had snapped at a poor freshman who sneezed all over her personal pink stapler on her desk. She had held up the cue and pick & save so she could have a go at the manager for running out of her favorite brand of wet wipes. At her friend’s baby shower she had burst into hysterics when she found out they wanted to name the baby Shelby.

Things were now even messier for Emma Pillsbury.

So she decided to indulge in a little treat, getting her teeth whitened. Of course her teeth were always sparkling but nothing can beat the sensation of a full clean feeling in your mouth.

“Dr. Weatherton please.” She asked politely at the counter. A crusty old lady swiveled round in her in her seat and ran her eyes down the schedule.

“Dr. Weatherton is out sick today Miss Pillsbury.” She croaked, “Some kid bit him and now his finger is infected.”

“Oh.” Emma muttered.

“But you can see our stand in if you want, Dr. Marson.”

“Okay.” She smiled and was ushered into the hallway and into the Dentist’s room. She placed her bright red handbag on the bench and turned to greet the new Dentist… and was stunned.

See in Lima, you didn’t really have options. Most men got married to their high school sweethearts, not everyone but most of the smart ones got out of the town and all the sensitive ones had boyfriends. And anyway, she had only ever had had eyes for Will.

But man was Dr. Marson was an option.

Thick dark hair, shiny and soft. Glinting bright blue eyes that rooted her to the spot and a great build outlined by the white coat. But the thing that had her dazed what that smile.

“Uh, Emma is it?” the angel spoke.

She nodded dumbly, “Sorry I got-”

“Distracted. Yeah it seems to happen a lot around me.” He chuckled. Emma felt her cheeks going red.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said gesturing for her to sit down in the dentist chair. “I used to be a mouth model in the late 90’s.”

“Really?” Emma asked lying back. He pulled out a tray of equipment and asked her to open wide.

“Oh yeah. Big money in toothpaste commercials back then. But then the advertising crones decided that they could sell better by have wrinkly old orthodontists stating the facts rather than multiple shots of people like me flossing.”

“Horrible.” She replied, the word muffled by the equipment he was poking around her mouth.

“Very. So I decided that I should help the people who weren’t as fortunate to be given a great set of whites like me. Anything I can do to help. Spit.” He stepped back to let her empty her mouth into the basin.

“You have some of the cleanest teeth I’ve seen yet Miss Pillsbury.” He smiled.

Emma blushed even more, “Hygiene is very important to me.” She managed to say before he started to align the gauze around gums.

“Me too. Like they say, cleanliness is next to godliness.” He grinned. She sure could believe that. Her eyes flickered down to his hand, no ring.

“Do you mind if I play a little music?” he asked leaning over to the small stereo perched on the counter. She shook her head. A soft, sorrowful tune emitted from the speakers and Dr. Marson saw a flash of interest across Emma’s eyes.

“Lonely music appeals to a lonely heart.” He said with a sad smile. Emma’s pulse quickened, no girlfriend either.

That sentence he left her to ponder on while he whitened her teeth. Her mind whirred with possibilities and more times than one she had to remind herself to keep her knees together.

Finally he took out the gauze and let her rinse and spit in the basin. Her head was spinning too much for her to enjoy the sensation that only total sterilization can bring.

“I wouldn't have pegged you as single Doctor.” She said cautiously, trying to sound as seductive as she had practicing in her head.

“Smile can’t win everything Honey.” He said wistfully.

Oh man, he’s conflicted – Emma was sold.

“What about you? Surely someone’s fallen for those big brown eyes.” He teased.

Emma blushed again. Her mind travelled to Will and she realized in a way she was single. She had always just thought if herself as the ‘woman in waiting’ for whenever Will was ready. But now she had an attractive, single, clean man flirting with her. Screw Will.

“I’m afraid I’m stuck in the same ordeal Doctor.” She smiled, getting up. She felt his eyes on her as she walked over to get her bag.

“Not that I condone Doctor Patient relationships but I know a great little restaurant on the edge of town. Cleanest in Ohio. I have pull there, reservations anytime.” he said walking over to her. He gently took her hand, placed a card in it and folded her fingers over it.

“Call me if you are feeling lonely.” He said with one last dazzling smile, let go of her hand and called out to the nurse that he was ready for the next patient.


Eventually Emma found herself sitting in her car, not really sure how she got from his office to here but happy all the same. She carefully placed the card in her handbag. It smelled like purell and she knew that that wasn’t just off her hands. After wiping the steering a couple of times and permanently engraving the memory of his smile into her brain she pulled out of the parking lot and drove home.


A week had passed since she called him. After their very romantic date at a lovely vegan restaurant on the edge of town, Emma Pillsbury was still a glass case of emotions.

She had scared the crap out of Sue when she beamed an award winning smile at her from down the hallway making the cheerleading coach walk into a locker. She had surprised her expectant friend with a soft baby toy and gushed about how cute all the other presents were. She had even managed to cheer up Mrs. Carlisle with an enthusiastic pep talk and felt very much fulfilled.

Things were now a little cleaner for Emma Pillsbury.

What'd you think?

Fri, May. 14th, 2010, 03:59 pm
Shippers (A Glee Rant) Part 1

Okay I have been with Glee since the start, but I only stumbled onto all the fansites after Vitamin D. Gleeks are a very complex caliber of fans. You might think I'm wrong, but all Gleeks are Shippers. You might try and deny it but Glee is so relationship driven you have to be.

As shippers in general we are a diverse little unit, and since I am bored at the moment I am going to present you with a little cross analysis of the world that is Glee Shippers.

Finn&Rachel [Finchel, Rainn,] ;; The Main Relationship

Finn and Rachel, the crux of Glee, as she puts it, 'everyone expects us to become and item, you the hot male lead and me the stunning young ingénue who everyone roots for.'  That pretty much sums up their relationship.They are the two you want to get together, they want to get together, you know their going to get together but somethings always in the way. Whether it's a certain Blonde cheerleader, Rachel's ego or Finn's insecurity, the writers always find a way to keep them apart but still friends. 
Now I was very content in the Finchel camp for the first 13 but then Jonathan Groff rolled up (we'll get to him later) and now I'm on the fence. They have chemistry and their duets are always amazing but shipping them is kind of boring for me because you know that they always have scenes together and are definite endgame.
Finchel Shippers in general are pretty nice. I guess the security in their ship gives them that calm demeanor and the fact that they usually have a back up ship (commonly Wemma or Quick). They are the kind you can have a civil conversation with about their ship even if you don't support it. So I give them a thumbs up for being mostly sane :)

Quinn&Puck [Quick] ;; The Accidental Couple

If Finchel is indeed end game, Quick is almost endgame buy domino effect but the writers don't want us to think that. 
Basically their relationship comes from him getting her drunk on wine coolers because she felt fat and they did the nasty even though Quinn was Puck's best friend Finn's girlfriend at the time. And since karma is a bitch she ended up carrying his daemon spawn after their one night stand. But Quinn decided the best idea would be for her to tell Finn that it was his baby and keep Puck her dirt little secret. This of course lead to a lot of 'secret-angsty-longing-looks-and-bad-attempts-at-flirting' which resulted in Quinn's cover being blown and Finn dumping her, leaving her to move in with Puck. Now in the last episode {Laryngitis <3 ) Quinn said that they are living together but it seems they are not a couple, but Puck is just being a man and looking after his baby momma. But, what confuses me is they were holding hands and doing cute things in the backround in the first couple of back nine episodes. I guess Quinn got fed up with Puck's manwhore ways and told him that they are purely platonic?

Personally I have no idea how I feel about Quick. I support all sides of this demented quadrangle (I perfer to call it a trapezoid though :P ) so I don't mind them together, they have good chemistry and I can't wait for a duet but I can't decide if he's good for her or not. I think he cares for the baby more than her and Quinn seems only to attracted to the fact that he wants to look out for her. But whatever, I think they're cute!

Quickzilla's (lol love the nickname for their shippers) seem to be more secondary but still pretty passionate. They usually have another major ship that they support in my opinion but their are pretty devout ones out there. I feel pretty bad for them as the writers seem to have really no idea what to do with Quick (much like Quinn's character! :P ) they seem to go back and forth with their feelings and never really state what they are. So I admire Quick Shippers for their strength and patience.

Artie&Tina [Artina, Tartie] ;; The other 'main cast' couple

Though Tina and Artie are part of the original Glee Club and get a reasonable amount of screentime and solos they barely get any lines or personal scenes. But they writers managed to squeeze in a relationship into Wheels. It was awkward but cute at the same time and we got a kiss! But because Ryan Murphy obviously doesn't like us being too happy he basically demolished their relationship in about 4.5 seconds after that with Tina's lies and Artie's slight pigheadedness. The relationship was not bought up again for about six episodes but they gained a strong fanbase. In the Power of Madonna, Artie forgave Tina, but still was a pigheaded about it, Tina ripped into him (in the most awesome way!), and Artie did a cute as apology which led to another kiss!

I love them together, though Artie always seems a bit arrogant around her (why?!?) and Tina is such a kickass sweetie (does that make sense?). 

Tartie shippers label themselves the underdog shippers, which I sort of agree with but they get it much easier then other Gleeks. They have never seen their characters act dog stupid (while, Artie has but it got resolved) and the writers seem to support the ship even though they don't give it a lot of attention. Artina shippers seem to be mostly secondary as well so pretty mellow, as they don't have any direct competition! So good on them for sticking with an ignored ship. 

Will&Emma [Wemma, Schuesbury] ;; A little Teacher Love

Okay I am home. Will and Emma were my first glee ship so I am might go off on a tangent here. 
Pilot episode we introduced to Will Schuester, our guide on the high school safari that is Glee. He seemed to be a pretty nice guy, dedicated teacher, still married even though his wife acts like a bitch. Schue takes on the Glee Club as their new director and promises to remodel the club to be something the school can be proud of. But he can't do it alone! None of the other teachers seems interested and his wife has her own problems so enter the radiant Jayma Mays playing cutest ever germaphobe Guidance Councillor Emma Pillsbury! The chemistry was instant. Little flirtations, but keeping in mind he is mind he is married, they were a match made in heaven. We get a cute chaperoning scene complete with PB&J sharing, a park bench conversation and a lovely heart to heart which shows how much Emma is Will's light. Over the first thirteen we got major UST, longing looks, insane Wifes going baby crazy, advice sessions, strange engagements and wait for it - A KISS! This of course was all legit, they did not kiss until Will left Terri, who of which he left for his own reasons and not just Emma. They were just best friends with a lot of chemistry and did not compromise their morals to get what they wanted. 
Admittedly the back nine has been a bit of a hot mess. It started off great for Wemma, cute office scene followed by a hot date and big revelations. But then of course, Will goes and screws it up by macing with Shelby Corcoran. He does not tell Emma but she has already decided they were moving too fast and they put their blossoming romance to a halt until 'Will can reintroduce himself, to himself.' Then we get the epic that is Power of Madonna in which Emma wants to lose her V card and Will is only happy to oblige to help. Enter a hot as Like A Virgin duet basically porn montage. But we find out the next day that she couldn't go through with it and they decide on a no dating policy until his divorce is finalized. 
In Bad Reputation she finds out via Sue about Will's whorish ways and she gives him a verbal smackdown in the middle of the crowded teacher's lounge! Nobody's safe! When he comes and sees her later to apologize and say that it is only her that he wants she says that they need to work on themselves rather than their relationship *tear*.

I hope they will reconcile by the finale as they are my couple. I think they are the only ship that will last in the long term just because of the fact that they aren't teenagers. They are best friends who want the best for each other. Please don't ruin them Murphs!

In my opinion Wemma shippers are the loudest. They usually only ship Wemma majorly and don't care most teenage ships. They make sure everyone knows that Will & Emma are OTP. They shoot down anyone who disagrees and are always talking about Wemma. Not that thats a bad thing its just amusing how diehard they are. Most are greedy for spoilers and always willing to speculate. Rock on Wemmatoniens!

Part 2 will be posted at some point when I have nothing else to do :P
Comment please and let me know what you think.

Fri, May. 14th, 2010, 03:57 pm
Personal Glee Ship Pic

My GleeSpam! 

My personal ship picspam


Okay this is another product of my day-off-school-boredom which I doubt anyone will look at.

You can tell how much I support it buy the size of it.

Will&Emma; 1# Of course
Jesse&Rachel; 2# Jonathan Groff made me decided on favorite Rachel ship :)
Finn&Quinn; 3# Never thought I'd see the day when I supported Finn with Quinn but I have decided through this back nine that they need to get back together!

Yup love my top three, but I do support every other relationship on the show.

Thu, May. 6th, 2010, 07:42 pm
Bad Reputation


Sandy, Ice Ice Baby, Emma HBIC, Molly Shannon and You can't touch this!

Too incoherent to report on the awesomeness.


Tue, Apr. 20th, 2010, 06:45 pm
Hell-O to Goodbye (A Glee Rant)

Okay before the much anticipated Power Of Madonna comes on I am going to get out all that I feel about Hell-O.

1. I really enjoyed the theme of the episode, hello/introductions etc. It makes sense because after all the promoting the did in the hiatus this sort of an introduction for all of those newbies.
I felt it was a bit cheesy with all of the song titles being hello, or hell, but all of them are really good songs so I don't mind (Favorite is in between Hello and Hello Goodbye)

2. As always Glee delivered on the humor. Great one liners and little things that you only catch the fourth time round (Did anyone catch that the pamphlet in Emma's office was titled 'ME AND MY CANCER' ? Where do the get these things?) . Some of my favorite quotes being...

Sue (About Figgins) : "And after our dinner I know you'll lick whipped cream off of anything" (Omg that made me cringe but it was hilarious.)

Finn: "Sometimes I wish I could be more like Coach Tanaka. He pulled a Jessica Simpson, you know, lost his fiancée, gained 40 pounds and stopped showering and every one acts like it's normal."

Finn (To Brittany & Santana) : "Well obviously, Hawaiian's the best, because it's got both ham and pineapple on it." (That was just so random to open up the scene and his cute hand gestures! Combined with that clueless Finn look he was absolutely adorable!)

Sue (To Brittany & Santana) : "You two might just be some of the stupidest teenagers I've ever encountered. And that's saying something, I once taught a cheer leading seminar to a young Sarah Palin."

Emma (To Will) : "But you caught me in a surprise Sneak Attack that time. It was like a Pearly White Harbor." (More Emma Cuteness, and then of course Will's swoon worth reply 'you are adorable' true dat man, true dat.)

Jesse: "I remember when I used to get nervous." (To quote the great Emma Pillsbury, nothing is sexier in a man then confidence.)

Shelby : "Most of the show choirs I make out with are gay." (Ok this was hilarious, I was pleasantly suprised by how much I liked Shelby, I mean she is Idina Menzel and everything but with all the spoilers about her and Will had really put me off her character but the I saw the episode! It is nice to have a female character who is confident, sexy and 'project her power')

Shelby: "I want smiles so optimistic they could cure cancer!"

Shelby (About Will) : "Look. That hair, that dimple, that terrible clunk that you drive, I think you're one of the cutest things I've ever seen" (This isn't really funny, I just like the quote because thats what made me stop judging her because of my insane Wemma love, I love her character now ^^)

Rachel : "I carry a rape whistle!"

Wrestling Chick in the Old Maids Club: "I know how torn you must be Berry. My freshman year I fell for a boy on our opposing wrestling squad but my team wouldn't go for it. So next time I stepped on the mat I pinned him so hard it ruptured his scrotum. Ending his run for the state championship and my run for his heart. To my team, I was a legend. But I relished this victory in solitude. Now I spend my Friday nights making out with my cat and watching Ghost Whisperer." (The actress that played her delivered that perfectly. I loved that whole scene, it shows what writing geniuses the Glee Writers are, we need more of the Old Maids Club!)

Rachel's 'crazy' calendars were all kinds of awesome, hope to see them out again for Jesse!

3. Ship-o-Vision.01: Will&Emma

Ok now as a dedicated Wemma shipper I was both squeeing with happiness at this episode and gagging slowly to death.

On the one side we had an uber cute office scene (they were matching again! Clothes wise that is) and then that flail worthy gorgeous date scene. Emma obviously loves it when Will sings to her so I loved how they danced together and Will did just that. I thought the song was perfect for them, a good choice on Will's part until we found out that it was actually the Werri prom theme! *gulp*
Anywho the kissing was very sweet and then once it got on the couch it did get steamy which Emma rightfully stopped. I wasn't very surprised by her confession and I didn't what to make of Will's immediate reaction. Of course I didn't expect him to be unphased but it's what he did afterwards that pissed me off.

(Annoyed sub rant starting now) Okay, in the auditorium I did not see a heck of a lot chemistry between Will & Shelby (was beginning to sort of like her character at that point) and then the way the scene just shot to them eating each other's faces on the couch gave me vertigo. I mean I would've understood a quick passion filled lip smack there and then but the fact he took the time to drive her back to his apartment made me really confused what he was thinking. Ok maybe he and Emma may have not been an official couple but c'mon buddy, the girl's got it bad for you! I'm glad he stopped the make out before it went too far and I quite enjoyed the kitchen conversation between the two. Shelby's character seems quite interesting so I am not going to complain about any more developing of her, just not romantically please! Though I did like how she said about how cute she thought Will is so if Emma ever meets someone else and completely forgets about Will (which I actually wouldn't be too bothered about) Shelby and Schue being together would be fine by me.

Anyway after that debacle we had the heart wrenching break up scene (lie, Terri & Emma scene in between but I don't have much to say about that apart from their should've been a physical cat fight. C'mon she flicked your cutlery Em! You should've smacked the b!tch!) I was glad they ended as it would have been going to quickly and Will is a /hot/ mess. I was tearing up a bit when Emma said she wanted Will to leave so she can shut the door and cry!

All in all have not completely lost faith in Wemma, just lacking some compassion for Will at the moment. I will love the upcoming Like A Virgin scene, just not sure how comfortable I am about Emma not knowing about Shelby.

Angst and longing makes a couple great, and their end game anyway so I am reasonably happy to leave my Emma's happiness in the hands of Evil Genius Ryan Murphy - FRAGILE BE CAREFUL!

4. Ship-O-Vision.0.2 : Jess&Rachel

Breakout character of the Episode - Jesse St. James! (Brittany equally great but has already been awarded this honour, in Wheels :] )

I was all set too to have Jonathan Groff's character despite the actor being awesome, and then I watch the episode and find I kinda, sorta, love him ^^. And, unlike Shelby, I actually like him with the person they paired him with! Jesse is so self assured, confident, hot, talented and is great for Rachel *ducks from the Finchel Shippers* I just think he is what she needs at the moment. Someone who already knows themselves and can support her through all the crap going on at the moment, oh and they sound great together!

In the few St. Berry fics I read already, they have been portrayed very well apart from the fact they sort of, Twilight it. I mean if its from Jesse's perspective his character voice usually ends up sounding very much like Edward which in turns mean they suck the confidence out of Rachel :( I am okay with Twilight at a distance so not really sure how this all sits with me.

Anywho, I am sad that you can already tell that he is supposedly going to use her, but whatever, I am going to root for them anyway!

5. Ship-O-Vision.0.3 : The Quadrangle, Rhombus thing

Though we barely got any Quinn and Puck (though I think they're dating despite what Quinn said in Sectionals... o.0... *shrug*) The love trapezoid is still very much alive and growing. With the addition of the smokin' hot Jesse St. James we have plenty of Finchel tension/ angst which will, I'm sure work out in the end.

And I was seeing some pretty loaded glances between Finn & Quinn, THEY'RE NOT OVER YET!! (OH YEAH!) I really hope the writers give them another chance some day, though my Quick soft spot might argue, I love them together...

6. Ship-O-Vision.O.3 : Brittany&Santana

How funny are they?!?! Not that I'm saying that Lesbian Relationships are humorous its just they're role in the show is just great :) The whole Finn-date thing was one of my favorite scenes and I can't wait to see some more Brittana!

The way Heather Morris delivers some of those lines....

7. Sue Sylvester > You

Great as always, but would've kinda liked her to be outside of the school for a little while, instead of just waltzing in in the first five minutes (though her blackmail with Figgins is genius) The whole of glee is like a chessboard; Sue on one side, Will on the other, and all the rest of the characters are pawns in their game, which Sue is winning and as unpredictable as Glee can be you can be sure that in the end it will be all a plot of the great Sue Sylvester.

Overall the episode moved the plot along but didn't tie up all the loose ends (where the hack was Quinn?) so 8/10 from me, but I am looking forward to the rest of the back nine! St. Berry, Old Maids Clubs, Sue Corner, more Shelby and WEMMA FOREVER!

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Fanfic: Parts of Home

 Title: Parts of Home
Author: OdetoGlee
Pairing: Will/Emma
Rating: G
Summary: Emma brings Will home to meet her family. Told from her older brother's perspective.

Not many things frightened Garrett Pillsbury. Being an average bloke he didn't have much to brag about in his life. Wife, three kids, cable television for a bargain every time football season started up, He was a pretty unshakable guy. Irritated mother possum crammed under the sink, no sweat, making a toast with already a couple of beers under his belt at the Christmas work function, not a problem. Even that Justin Beaver or something cd signing riot, he hadn't come out with that 'been to hell and back' look on his face all the other parents had. Yes, there wasn't much in this world that could make Garret nervous. Except his sister Emma.

Garret would never forget that day. His parents had forced him to go to that stupid dairy farm, that he had to support his little sister's 'dreams of the future'. Maybe the resentment of missing out on Todd Foster's birthday party had driven him to tease Emma so on the way out. That had caused him to give her a push, threatening that he'd send her falling into the run off lagoon. But he had not meant to actually finish the job, see his eight year old sibling go topping backwards into the mix of cow feces, blood and guts, that head of red hair sinking under the surface.

Though the old farmer had pulled her out in time for her to not lose consciousness, the little girl covered in muck lying on the bank was not his sister. She refused to be touched by anyone and spent hour upon hour in the weeks afterwards scrubbing herself and consequently the things around her constantly. In time small bits of that smiling little girl reappeared and Garret felt comforted by the fact that he hadn't completely ruined her life.

But the prospect of his sister's visit still freaked him out. It's not like the family didn't get along, just worked better in smaller doses. Emma said she had forgiven him, and his mother always reinforced that point but one's presence had always made the other feel uneasy. He tapped his fingers nervously on the steering wheel as the traffic lights changed colors. His wife Sarah thankfully was giving the kids 'the talk' for tonight.

"Stephen, let go of Ashley's ponytail! Claire get that out of your mouth and listen." She took a deep breath and put that serious mom face on.

"Now you know your Auntie Emma is coming around to Gran and Pop's tonight too for dinner."

The three minions nodded.

"And you all remember how we behave around Auntie Emma."

They nodded again.

He pressed his foot on the accelerator as the lights changed colour again and saw Sarah give him a questioning look.

"Is she bringing…" she whispered.

"Yes she's bringing the guy around." He answered crisply.

Now as a thick sculled male he was, he had even picked up on the whispers circulating around the Pillsbury family. His mother had been overjoyed to find out during her fortnightly call to Lima that her admittedly somewhat loner of a daughter had found someone. But much to his parent's horror that someone was a divorced someone. Being from a pretty religious community Garrett could tell this 'welcome back home/ meet the folks' dinner was going oodles of fun.

Quickly rushing the kids out of the car and burling up the front porch of his parents house sent a quick prayer to whoever's up there that the evening wouldn't go down in flames.

"Sarah, Gar, kids come in!" exclaimed his mother opening the door and ushering the giggling children inside. Garrett and Sarah hovered on the porch peeking through the door.

"Yes, they are here." Mom huffed, "Now be polite and come inside."

The three squeezed through the doorway and entered the kitchen, Garrett making a quick pit stop at the 'Emma' drawer and sanitized his hands. He noticed the kitchen was unusually spotless. His mother was probably more obsessed with the anti mess movement than Emma whenever she came to visit.

"Anything to make her more comfortable" Had been the motto since the accident. Mum had probably had spent the whole weekend scrubbing the floors and restocking the 'Emma' drawer as well as orchestrating a non dairy meal. Garrett had to admire the dedication to a daughter who never visited.

He ambled through into the lounge, swatted Stephen's head for knocking over Gran's footstool already, and laid eyes on the pair; a curly haired man and the sister that he had not seen in almost two years.

She looked, nice. Her shiny red hair was doing that weird flippy thing that Sarah was convinced was a result of a bottle of hairspray every morning. Her outfit, well fitted to her slender frame (which he thought Sarah was jealous of too) was quirky as ever. But the most different thing about his sister was the smile on her face. In the years after the incident it wasn't like she was depressed or anything, just, cautious about life. Tentative to show that she really cared about anything and that hadn't seem to have changed when she left the town all those years ago and only came back for the occasional visit. Tonight her eyes were bright and a small but very real smile painted across her face.

She looked up at the just arrived guests, squeezing the guy's (whose name escaped Garrett mind even though it had been the subject of gossip over the past week) hand and looked up at her older brother.

"Hey Gar." She said politely getting up off the couch. Those huge brown eyes on him and Garrett was right back on the bank of the lagoon. She placed her hands over heart and he reciprocated (Pillsbury family substitute for a hug developed at a time where any physical contact would send Emma over the edge.)

"This is Will Schuester." She motioned to the man standing up beside her.

"My Will Schuester." She said slightly quieter before but with an excited grin on her face. Will held out a hand to shake which Garrett took gladly, relieved to break his sister's gaze.

Dinner was cautionary affair. Emma didn't seem like she really wanted to talk so the admittedly very friendly Will conducted most of the conversation, charming the parents. Who of which danced around the previous marriage topic and even though Sarah seemed more endorsed on supervising the Kids; who were eating on a designated rug in the lounge, from the table, her ears were pricked to catch every detail. Garrett grunted and nodded at appropriate times but was pretending to be more interested in his roast. Will seemed like a pretty stand up guy. Obviously nervous out of his mind but improvised well, especially lighting up when he talked about his Geek club or something.

"The kids just got back from regional's, finally got that number one place this year." He beamed while drowning his potatoes in gravy.

"What play did they do?" Garrett asked.

"Glee clubs don't do plays Garrett." Emma snapped, "They perform songs, like a choir."

He looked down at his plate embarrassed.

"Sorry Emma."

She looked away uncomfortably while Will scrambled to save the discussion. Sarah's eyes slid accusingly across to him while he stabbed into his chicken a bit too roughly and his parents ignored the little tiff, probably since they had been a common occurrence years ago.

The rest of the meal passed pretty smoothly, Will having successfully charmed the socks off Mrs. Pillsbury Sr. and Sarah seemed to warming up to him as well. Emma certainly seemed besotted. Her eyes constantly flickering towards the curly haired smooth talker and a stunned look on her face like she couldn't really believe he was here. The charismatic king himself quietly asked the two Mr. Pillsbury's to talk with him out on the patio while Emma and Mom did the dishes and Sarah tried to entertain the kids.

The night air was frosty but not too cold as they filed outside and looked expectantly at Will.

"Look." He began, "I know you aren't exactly overjoyed at the idea of Emma being with a divorcee like me."

He quickly accessed the level of hostility on the men's faces and decided it was safe to continue.

"But I love Emma very much. She stuck with me through a rough time in my life. She is an amazing individual, kind, honest and I can't imagine being without her. I mucked up with my first marriage but I have no plans to let that happen with Emma. So, what I'm asking, is if I have your permission to marry your daughter." He finished with the last line more directed to the elder Mr. Pillsbury.

Garrett looked too towards the older man and saw his father's face crumple with thought.

"I appreciate what you've done for our Emma. She seems very happy with you. But, how are you dealing with her – issues."

"I'm not going to lie, it took a bit off adjustment but I really think she's getting better. I mean I've had to step up too, but I think we are both handling it very well." Will smiled.

Mr. Pillsbury nodded then clapped Will on the shoulder.

"Welcome to the family Schuester." He declared.

Garrett had to admit he was pleased. The man was obviously over the moon that he could finally put on a ring on Emma's finger, the dude was growing on him.

"You don't mind do you?" Will asked Garrett cautiously once he clawed his way out of Dad's bear hug.

Garrett nodded, "Yeah, but if you mess her up even more I'll smash you."

The three celebrated for a couple minutes longer then retreated inside. Will went directly to Emma and scooped her up into a kiss, much to the surprise of Sarah and Mrs. Pillsbury.

"What was that?" Emma asked breathlessly when he set her down. Her boyfriend only smiled as the kids giggled and pointed. Mr. and Mrs. Pillsbury went into the kitchen and talked while Emma, still readjusting her hair from Schuester's public display of affection, sat down at the table, Sarah soon joining her for another drink (Even though Garrett knew Sarah was just a teensy bit jealous of her sister in law and usually avoided her). Will leant against the recently vacuumed couch and watched his soon to be nieces and nephew in law play on the floor. Garrett slowly walked over and stood beside him, arms folded and trying not to look over at his sister.

"She doesn't blame you, you know." Will said jerking him out of his reverie.

"So everyone tells me." Garrett replied looking at his feet.

"She really doesn't." Schuester reiterated, "She's a pretty forgiving person. I mean she's with me isn't she?" he laughed at his own joke.

"Yeah." Garrett agreed, "But I was serious about what I said before. You're dead if you hurt her."

Schuester looked like he didn't know whether to laugh or not.

The rest of the evening had a definite lift in the atmosphere. Even though Schue didn't do the cliché thing and propose to Emma there are then, you could feel the contentment in the air. When the kids started to fall asleep on the couch, Garrett took the cue to leave. Emma and Will were staying the night and making the hike back the day afterwards but this would still be the last time he would see them. After Sarah and he had loaded the drowsy trio into the car and refused to take the leftovers home they bid farewell. While Sarah and Schuester traded phone numbers (something to do with costumes for the Geek club thing, Garrett knew how much Sarah loved to sew) he hung back. Emma had her arms wrapped round her shoulders on the porch as he walked up beside her.

"Do you like him?" she asked quietly still not looking directly at Garrett.

"He seems like a nice guy." He shrugged. She turned around and those big brown eyes pierced right through him. She really wanted to know what he thought and just that fact humbled him.

"He makes you happy." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

She nodded dropping her gaze.

"I asked Sarah to be a bridesmaid at my wedding."

Garrett gulped trying to remember if he had told it wife too loudly about Schuester's plans and if Emma might have overheard.

She shook her head at the puzzled look on his face.

"Will and I have been talking about for a while now. He hasn't proposed officially yet but Brittany isn't good at keeping secrets." She smiled at the last sentence but Garrett didn't have any idea what she was talking about.

"You didn't have to ask Sarah." He said instead, thinking of the tension between the two women.

"I wanted to." She replied simply turning to look at him again, but with a happier expression on her face which made him breathe easier. Then she did something completely unexpected. Instead of hand over the heart gesture, she slowly leant her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her gently letting the moment sink in. A hug.

Soon enough the embrace ended. Either the germs on Garret's coat freaked her out or just the fact they hadn't shared a sibling bonding moment in years made him withdraw his arms and her back away. She smiled kindly as he walked out to the car, Schue coming from behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist, the picture of a happy couple.

"Don't leave it so long to visit next time!" Garrett called back to them as he got into the driver's seat. The couple laughed as they waved back and he was glad to finally see his sister adjusting to the thing most people find second nature – human contact.

"That wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be." Sarah yawned as she slid down into her seat, her blonde hair spilling over her face. He smiled over at her almost forgetting to keep his eyes on the road. Schue's declaration of love for his sister had definitely made him appreciate the woman sitting beside him more.

And maybe the most important thing he'd take from the visit is that his little sister's presence no longer scared the living daylights out of him. Well, only a little.

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